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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge, and what is a typical cleaning?

For an ongoing residential client, my average cost is $118.75 per cleaning (2.5 hours). The time can vary if your home requires very deep cleaning or has an extraordinary amount of clutter. A typical cleaning includes thorough vacuuming and dusting of all rooms, thorough cleaning of kitchen and bathrooms, and hand washing of floors.

For an ongoing commercial client, my average cost is $120 per cleaning (3 hours). A typical cleaning includes thorough vacuuming, thorough cleaning of bathrooms and kitchens, removal of all trash and recycling, a rotating schedule of complete dusting, and interior glass and window sills as needed.

What type of products do you use?

I make my own all-purpose cleaner and wood floor/dusting cleaner. The all-purpose cleaner is made with certified organic, therapeutic grade essential oils (lemon, clove, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus, rosemary and lime), coconut based surfactant (non toxic biodegradable soap), and water. Certified Organic therapeutic grade oils are the highest quality oils available and are safe enough to ingest. Please see the article about our friends at Veriditas Botanicals on the Why Certified Organic? page to learn more about why using certified organic essential oils is so important.

My wood floors & dusting cleaner uses water, High Alps French Lavender, and a dash of soap. For tubs and sinks I use non-abrasive scrubbing powders such as Bon Ami. We use Panasonic commercial upright vacuums that are equipped with potent filters and the highest quality hypo-allergenic bags. The motors are powerful, work great on carpets, and have extensive attachments for fast and effective detailed vacuuming and vacuum dusting. We also use store bought glass cleaner and wood polish purchased from the cleaning products section at the Wedge Coop in Minneapolis.

What do you do before the first cleaning?

We will first talk by phone or email to set up an appointment. Our initial appointment will give us a chance to meet, as well as allow me to see your home or business first hand. We will make a checklist together so that the expectations are clear, after which I will give you an estimate. If you decide to go for it, we will schedule the first cleaning at your convenience.

Who does the cleaning?

For ongoing cleaning you will be paired with a cleaner or with a team, depending on the amount of time needed. This has been my policy since the beginning and is very helpful for consistency, easy communication, and feeling comfortable knowing who is working in your home. I learn most jobs with whoever is going to be your ongoing cleaner so that I am fully aware of the subtleties and nuances of your home. If a sub is ever needed or a new cleaner takes over a particular job, I will fill in with one of my other cleaners or make sure the sub is well-informed and prepared for the cleaning. This ensures quality and consistency of service.

How many cleaners do you have? Who are they? Are they insured?

We currently have 14 employees on staff. All are proper W-4 employees. Most of us, myself included, come from the arts community of the Twin Cities. All employees at Aaron's Green Cleaning are covered with Workers Compensation Insurance, Unemployment Insurance, General Liability Insurance and are Bonded

Who is Aaron?

My name is Aaron Barnell. I am the founding owner and president of Aaron's Green Cleaning. I came from a career as a professional percussionist and worked extensively in the music and art community in the Twin Cities as a musician, and as the Artist Residency coordinator at the Walker Art Center, before building this company. I have done many odd jobs to support myself over the years, and cleaning was the one I enjoyed the most. I started with my first regular client in 2001 when a friend of mine was hired in a full time touring band and wanted help for his family with a new baby on the way. I built the client base slowly while learning the business, and eventually incorporated in 2006. I made my first hire that year and have continued on a steady path of growth ever since. It has worked out great to offer flexible part time work to folks who, like I was, are in need of flexible work to support their artistic endeavors. I've always believed in treating people as well as possible and offering as much support as I can as an employer, in order to offer a uniquely high quality service. So far so good. We have little turnover and an amazing staff of competent, interesting and great people, to compliment an equally great base of clients. We currently service hundreds of homes and businesses each month throughout the Twin Cities.